The Dark Below DLC Overview

DLC in this case seems to work for those that wanted it and those that didn't.

The newest DLC for Destiny has been launched. This comes as good news for players that have downloaded it and for those that have not. Although I am strongly opposed to the fact that Bungie has a long plan for the game via DLC, this first installment brought me joy even though I have not downloaded it. 

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For those that have not played the game for some time I suggest powering up Destiny and taking a look at the changes. Starting out players that have the DLC the level cap is raised to 32 given you get the drops from the new Raid. However, even if you do not have the DLC you can get your character up to level 31 with purchasing a new exotic armor and getting the vanguard armor of light +33. 

The second plus that players will notice is the power increase of weapons. Even though you don’t have DLC the weapons can be upgraded to do more damage. Although you have an exotic that may be fully upgraded, purchase an exotic shard from Xir to ascend it to the level of DLC. 

Going over the changes that the DLC has brought along with minor changes that may have taken place since I had stopped playing, things seem to have been improved. Even if you are trying to boycott the DLC that Bungie is doing feel free to power up the game and take advantage of the free level cap increase and the free weapon power ups. 

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