The Dark Knight Director’s Interstellar Gets a Zork-Style Text Adventure

Love it or hate it, the high-tech movie's digital release yesterday (March 17) was celebrated with... a very low-tech game.
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If you have ever wondered about what happens to a movie’s website after its release, the answer is actually very simple: some sites are recycled for an upcoming sequel, others become placeholders for the DVD/Blu-ray release of that said movie, and others still just sit there forever as a constant reminder for the more nostalgic of us all, like Space Jam

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But Interstellar‘s website experienced a different outcome. Christopher Nolan’s “visually resplendent”, “thought-provoking” and “thrilling” movie’s website has been turned into a text adventure game in celebration for the digital release of the movie yesterday (March 17). 

This Zork-inspired game allows you to incarnate a scientist who has been sent on the Lazarus Project to find a new home for the inhabitants of Earth, the dying planet. Your goal: placing four probes to see if the planet is capable of sustaining human life. The game is well-written, not as easy as you would imagine, and addictive. 

For those who feel lost or confused while playing the game, the website has a pretty good FAQ section

Zork, a popular text adventure game

What is a text adventure game?

There was a time when gaming was not all about sleek graphic designs, and cat-like reflexes were not always necessary to finish the game. A text adventure game is a game with no images, just text. To be able to play the game, the player needs to type in the commands to move forward with the plot. It is kind of like interactive fiction. 

In the early 1980’s, text adventure games were extremely popular. One of the most well-known games of this genre is Zork

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