The debut Quake Champions Gameplay Trailer shows the explosive rocket jumps we all know and love

The new gameplay trailer shows some cool stuff in the game

The new gameplay trailer shows some cool stuff in the game

The new Quake Champions debut trailer is here. It is a little bit short for a gameplay trailer, but it shows the speed, the rocket jumps, and the Quake weapons we want and love.

The trailer also shows some of the maps, and a new feature in the Quake franchise, the character skills. The framerates will be unlocked. That’s  very good news for all high end PC owners out there.


id Software made a really good comeback for the Quake games, but it’s still a trailer and we can’t judge based on it.

Lately, a lot of the videos on Bethesda Softworks’ YouTube channel are getting a ton of dislikes, because of the delay for mods on the PS4, but surprisingly the Quake Champions trailer is getting more love than the other videos, and that’s a good sign.

Are you excited for the new Quake game? well, I am!

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