The Definition of an Era: EVE Online’s Dedicated EON Magazine Ceases Publication

EON Magazine was the definition of EVE Online's spirit; slick, pioneering and defiant. As it passes, a little piece of EVE Online's soul goes with it.

In stark contrast to the celebratory tone of the closing weeks of EVE Online‘s first decade, a sombre announcement was made by CCP Games today officially announcing the end of the quarterly magazine, EON.

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Richie ‘Zapatero’ Shoemaker, editor and creator of EON, wrote a wistful and bitter-sweet farewell in the official statement. He explained that the glossy, printed magazine’s sales had been falling for some time and, despite entering the digital market through Zinio, “dwindling interest in our little publication” meant that “there just weren’t enough copies flying off the shelves”.

In the announcement, he reflected on his – and EON‘s – eight year journey:

“…the idea to devote an entire publication to one game (and in 2005 a comparatively small one) seemed ever-so-slightly insane, and yet in spite of all predictions – including our own wildest ambitions – EON managed to thrive for a good few years and survive a good few more. In that time we’ve been honoured to work within a community of gamers that has no equal, aiming to mirror its efforts so that we might do them justice. To them – to you – EON will stand as a lasting tribute that will persist – gathering dust perhaps, but immune to digital extinction – for at least as long as New Eden itself.”

MMM Publishing, a subsidiary of Red Giant, has produced EON since 2005.

In Mourning

As a reader and proud contributor to the last few issues, I feel a genuine sense of loss. As well as great content (especially from that Seismic Stan fellow), EON Magazine reflected many things about EVE itself; from the glossy presentation, the entrepreneurial spirit and a sense of style and humour.

It is a shame that, in the changing world of publishing, EON’s demise is reminder that old-school physical publishing is a waning art form. There is something infinitely more powerful about a tangible, printed document and I will cherish my copies of EON forever.

I would like to personally thank Richie for sharing his skills and allowing me to take part in the last part of EON‘s journey. I was grateful for (and slightly in awe of) the opportunity to work with him – this is a man who was part of the legendary PC Zone team whose work entertained and inspired me since my teens. It was from this PC Zone launchpad that Richie was able to create a genuinely beautiful magazine befitting the defiant counter-culture of EVE Online‘s early years. I believe EON Magazine genuinely defines an era, perhaps a Golden Age of EVE Online.

Richie Shoemaker gave the EVE Online community a body of work of which I know he is rightly proud and will forever be held in the highest regard.  I look forward to his future projects.

Thank you Richie and farewell EON.

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