The Division 2 Post-Launch Content Plans Revealed

A new trailer from Ubisoft outlines the free content updates that players can expect following the release of the upcoming looter shooter, The Division 2.
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Through a recently released trailer, Ubisoft has outlined the post-launch content plans for the upcoming looter shooter, The Division 2. The plans revealed in this video include three large expansions, which will bring new story elements and gameplay modes to the title.

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The first of The Division 2‘s expansion will move players out of Washington D.C. and into the city’s decrepit surroundings. This will be followed by an expansion that redirects players’ attention back to the heart of D.C., sending them to raid the Pentagon in order to reclaim the once sacred memorial. The final expansion of the year will bring this story arc to a close, but not much more information has been given.

Additionally, these expansions will treat players to three new specializations, a new game mode, and the series’ first eight-man raid. Each specialization will allow for continued character progression, bringing its own unique weapon and skill tree to the title, and the new game mode and raid are both intended to keep players entertained while waiting for a new expansion to be released.

Indeed it seems that players can expect yet another games as service approach with this AAA title, but they can rejoice in the fact that these updates will come freely to those that purchase the game. Hopefully, more large game developers will notice players’ dwindling cash supplies when planning post-launch content.

For players that want to try The Division 2 for themselves, an open beta is available March 1-4. The game will be fully released on March 15.

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