The Division’s Survival DLC Finally Hit PS4, Here’s What’s in It.

The PS4 Division update packs a lot of new content to enhance the DLC experience.
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To all PS4 fans of The Division:  it’s here. The intense “Survival” DLC was originally set to be released on December 20, but a recent tweet has announced it will now release November 29. 

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“Survival” is an apt name for the DLC as you must survive session-based games that can last up to two hours. Face against the cold winter of Manhattan, dwindling supplies, and enemies ready to attack you for what little you have. Oh, and death is permanent here. No re-spawns, no second chances.

There are two modes — PVP, where you will be able to play against up to 24 players in the entire map of New York, and PVE, where you work alongside other players to survive in the Dark Zone area of the map.

To survive, players will need to scavenge for food, water, clothes and a warm shelter. Failure to do so results in physical changes and status effects that make it easier for you to be killed by either enemies or the environment itself.

Speaking of enemies, the Survival DLC features an especially difficult one to beat: the Hunter, a skilled killer who’s said to be always one step ahead of you.

This DLC will also include the 1.5 update patch, which adds features that affect Gear scores, weapon abilities, and other game changes while fixing a few bugs found in the earlier released Xbox version.

The update contains a lot of new and improved aspects, which are sure to make the Survival DLC live up to its name.

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