The Elder Scrolls Online Just Released on Steam

The Elder Scrolls Online just released on Steam, and it's half price!

The Elder Scrolls Online just released on Steam, and it's half price!
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Bethesda Softworks released The Elder Scrolls Online to Steam on Thursday, and currently the game is half-price.

The beloved Elder Scrolls franchise has finally broken into the online universe with its first MMORPG installment, thanks to developer ZeniMax Online Studios, a first-time developing team contracted by Bethesda Softworks to work on the massive title.

The game features the largest map of any TES game before, featuring nearly the entire continent of Tamriel, and runs on what ZOS refers to as a “Megaserver,” an in-house developed server technology that allows for smoother, more intuitive and adaptable online lobbies (for a much more in-depth explanation of the technology that my poor mind cannot comprehend, click here).

Despite a very lackluster beginning wrought with scandal and confusion, it seems by some accounts that the game is closer to what people expected of it.

Steam users have access to both editions, Standard and Imperial. The Standard Edition is pretty cut and dry, what you’d expect.

The Imperial Edition allows the player the opportunity to play as an Imperial soldier, which also allows for unique Imperial gear and crafting opportunities, as well as your very own horse (which according to reports are entirely too expensive in-game). You also have access to Rings of Mara and an adorable Mudcrab vanity pet.

So cute!

For those interested, the Imperial Edition is available for $47.99 (a 40% discount!), or you can purchase it as an expansion for $19.99. The discounted price mentioned above, as well as the Standard Edition’s price of $29.99, are set to end on the 21st.

And worry not, console gamers. Despite the announced delay until late 2014 or early 2015 (something it seems is the status quo anymore), ESO will be coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 eventually. So just relax.

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