The EVE: Second Decade Collector’s Edition Mystery Code Gifts Revealed

Mystery limited edition shinies revealed to be free money, a spare arm and an internet spaceship. Hoorah!

Mystery limited edition shinies revealed to be free money, a spare arm and an internet spaceship. Hoorah!

The limited edition boxed set containing lots of goodies that sci-fi MMO fans and Icelandophiles would enjoy will release in two weeks.

Not only is there a high-quality hardback “Into the Second Decade” book written by some of the finest wordsmiths in the [EVE] universe, a fancy 4-port USB hub/Rifter frigate model, an orchestral soundtrack, the English language version of the board game which launched CCP Games, and a host of in-game items…

..there’s a mystery code.

Many wondered what this entailed, only to be told that “the CCP Mystery Code is your ticket to VIP benefits both now and for years to come.” No further details were forthcoming. Until now.

The first batch of shiny gifts has been announced as a PLEX (Pilot Licence EXtension) which can be redeemed for a month of free game time or sold in-game for several hundred million ISK.

There will also be a vanity item for the player’s avatar in the form of an unfortunately named “Phanca” cybernetic arm, which will probably result in wearers being accused of being “a right phanca” (this humour might only work in the UK).

The last special gift for Mystery Code Owners will be an exclusive ship model for the as yet unreleased EVE: Valkyrie. The Templar Mark II Prototype which, judging by the artwork (see below), appears to be a reskinned Templar Fighter model, sporting a Caldari-esque grey rather than the original Amarr gold.

The devblog by Chief Marketing Officer David ‘CCP Pokethulhu’ Reid, teases of what more there is to come:

“This is just the beginning of what the Mystery Code will unlock. In the future, whenever we have big things happening—not just across the EVE Universe but across all CCP games—you will find a Mystery Code element to enjoy.

“There’s much more planned we can’t discuss right now, but you can rest assured that as we continue our journey into the Second Decade with you, the Mystery Code will be your perfect traveling companion.”

CCP have also released a short video explaining the origins and gameplay of the included board game Danger Game. It’s quite amusing. Those crazy Icelanders.

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