The FCC’s approvals allows Sony to post new images of PS4

Sony releases new photos of PS4 hardware and UI.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

Today the FCC approved the consumer version of Sony’s new console. Later on in the day, Sony posted new images of its new hardware to include other equipment running apps integrated to the system to include, a tablet, smart phone and the PS Vita. Along with the hardware, photos of the systems UI were also posted, showing off its new look. These photos include, the home screen, showing achievements of other friends, who is playing a game, and if anyone is streaming their gameplay. 

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Another great feature is the use of a persons actually name when they are on your friends list and the fact that you can add people on your cell phone when you are on the move. This truly is the dawn of the mobile gaming era. To know you can download a game, have it running on your console and inviting everyone to a death match all while heading home to work is still astounding to me. 

If you have not preordered your system yet, it will be difficult to purchase on day 1. If you were lucky enough to throw down, you will be looking forward to a new era of gaming. The PS4 will release sometime Holiday 2013.

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