The Final Nail in Xbox One’s Coffin

What has people in such an uproar about the Xbox One and why people are loving the PS4? come take a look.

What has people in such an uproar about the Xbox One and why people are loving the PS4? come take a look.

Now, I know many people are claiming the Playstation 4 has won the conference and how the Xbox has failed to deliver on bringing forth a new and exciting console with exclusive games.  I am going to show you cold hard facts that will inform you what people are taking issue with in this new next generation’s console fight.  I will sprinkle in some opinions here and there but why would you be reading this if you only wanted facts?

So without any further adieu,  here is a show stopper:

1. Price 

Xbox One will be $499 and the PS4 is $399.  That is a complete $100 difference and that alone speaks wonders when you look at the specs of both the consoles (PS4 and Xbox One).  See some similarities?  Sure, the Xbox One has things like Smart Glass and DVR system but if that is a motivator for you getting a new console, I can’t help you there.  I am looking at the gaming side of this more than the social media side because as important as watching cable and being able to multitask a show and find out fun facts on your tablet might be, I don’t really need it in my console to play a game.

2. DRM

With used game sales being possible, Gamestop is most likely going to back PS4 and Sony ten fold.  This might mean Gamestop will even stop carrying Xbox One games all together because they completely rely on used game sales and trade ins to remain afloat.

Sure, Best Buy, Target, Walmart and other stores will still carry Xbox One games but I can’t remember the last time I went ANYWHERE else for a preorder game other than Gamestop or  I also can not remember the last time I simply went looking at games in a Best Buy or other store with game section.  I want a place dedicated to games even if they do try to get you to preorder half the new games under the sun.

Yes, DRM can still be placed on games by the developing and publishing companies but this is not anything new.  This has been prevalent in current gen games especially with Ubisoft and EA games.  PS4 just does not have a DRM feature built in.  This means you do not need an internet connection to even play your single player campaign.  The Xbox One will need you checking in more often then a paranoid girl/ boyfriend by having you connect every 24 hours to make sure you have a stable internet connection or else tough luck for you!

3. Region Free

Yoshida said it and the importers are rejoicing!

For many this does not mean much but for traveling people that may live in Japan for some time and then come back home to the US, this is a blessing.  Importing is also just fun to get those games that may never be released state side or wherever you may call home.

4. Optional Camera

The idea of a camera in your living room always being on and listening is kind of disconcerting.  Microsoft says that options can be changed to avoid any more of the 1984 vibe I am getting from this thing but that I still don’t like that this thing can tell your heart rate. Why the hell do I need this or why is it necessary?

PS4’s camera is completely optional and not necessary for the console to run.  I can’t speak for the quality of the camera but not being shoe horned into needing a peripheral is always a good thing.

I had no real use for a camera last generation, so why would i need one now?

5. Indie Backing

The PS4 has standing behind indie developers from the beginning with Jonathan Blow’s announcement of The Witness. This has continued into this conference with them talking about all the other indie developed games that will be coming out close to release of the PS4.  They seem to want those small companies to get their time in the spotlight and this will shine positively on them.

Microsoft has not said a whole ton about supporting the indie developers.  They mostly have said they support them but don’t want them self publishing their works which is a large leap and requires time and money most indie developers might not have.  Hopefully, more will be touched on this later seeing as they kind of frontiered the digital console market with the Xbox 360.

6. Membership Accounts

Microsoft has said that your account, points, avatar and Gamertag will transfer over to the Xbox One and that prices should should remain the same for Gold.  That is about it.

For PS4, yes, you do need to have PS+ to play online.  While this is a strike, it is not detrimental.  When you look at how PS+ has evolved and changed over the last year, it has become a force to be reckoned with.

With the fact that it is always offering new and interesting sales while also providing free AAA games (as long as you hold a PS+ account) I found myself turning on the PS3 more then my 360 to see what might be new for the week in the store.  But more over, they are trying to make people want it more with the PS4.  

First off, you will get your driving game itch scratched out of the gate with Drive Club: Playstation Plus Edition being available day one to PS+ memebers.  It is a stripped down version but it is there to showcase the game and the console really.  Then they will be keeping the free game trend by giving away 3 indie games for the PS4 in the first few months

What was the final nail in the Xbox One’s coffin?

Well, that is a matter of opinion.  In fact, a respected member of this site and a good friend of mine, Lui, wrote a piece about why he still remains hopeful and excited for the Xbox One and it’s future.

I wish nothing but the best for Microsoft and their future in the game industry but with the way the PS4 is holding up and gaining backing from so many sources, I don’t see it doing nearly as well.  Stay tuned though because you can never guess what will happen next!


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