The Forest, Where Minecraft Meets Survival Horror

If you're a fan of Minecraft, and survival horror games, The Forest is what you've always been waiting for

I’m a huge survival fan, and of course, I definitely enjoy some survival horror action every once and then; which brings me to one of the games I’m looking for the most: Endnight Games’ The Forest.

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Now that you’ve seen a little bit of the game, let’s explain what is it about.

The Forest is an open-world, survival horror game in which you’re the lone survivor of a plane crash, whom is now stuck in an island full of some weird mutant cannibals. This island is basically a forest, a gorgeous forest that will put your survival skills to test without giving you any exact quest to follow, even though there will actually be some quests, a story, and even a proper ending for this game, as revealed during an interview with Eurogamer.

“We wanted to create a world where we could drop the player into and give them free range to do whatever they want, similar to something like Minecraft where a lot of the fun comes from decisions that you make.”

Said creative director Ben Falcone during the interview.

Basically, in order for players to “find” this story, they’ll have to investigate, find different pieces of information that then will need to be put together in order to show what the story behind the island and those cannibals is.

When it comes to these adversaries, Endnight Games is going to shake things up a bit, making them a little bit more…credible. As they described them, these cannibals will not only be evil, but hungry, and they’ll feel empathy towards each other, not to mention the fact that they’ll be smarter than you think.

To give an example of this, it is explained that they might actually be stalking you for a while without you even noticing, staying at a safe distance from you, and even calling others in order to help them get to you. Also, if they find a dead body of one of their own, they’ll even cry for the dead ones, or even run away from the site.

The Forest is currently under development for PC, however, the studio says it is undergoing conversations with both Sony and Microsoft in order to bring the game to consoles, and -for the PC- it will be entering its beta in the next few months.

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