The Future is Here?! Sony to Reveal PS4 Virtual Reality Headset

So apparently this is happening.. AND NO ONE TOLD ME?!

So apparently this is happening.. AND NO ONE TOLD ME?!

I have been patiently waiting for the tech of the future, and with the ways things have been chugging along, it’s practically here! I’m not just satisfied with better graphics, better hardware, and bigger movie explosions. I want the flying cars, the floating houses, the automated robo-dogs; and I have otherwise been ready to put on my Jetson swag since the Kinect became a thing.

Imagine my surprise when this news hit the street: Sony is set to reveal the last piece of its PS4 hardware strategy at The Tokyo Game Show. What is this last magical piece of hardware? Oh you know, nothing too special… just a virtual reality head-mounted display!

Sony’s 2011 HMZ Headset. If this is a glimpse of the future, then it looks pretty darn good.

So what’s been the hold up?

Sony was supposedly going to debut the headset at Gamescom, but due to complications decided to hold off. Currently, the head honchos over at Sony are trying to decide whether the new PS4 device will be bundled with the upcoming console or as a bonus add-on. While it’s pretty much known Sony has tested the virtual waters for a while now, the recent buzz to develop this hardware is probably due to the relatively positive buzz around the Oculus Rift.

According to CVG, an anonymous games developer who has the dirt on Sony’s plans for the headset stated that Evolution Studios is actually using the new headset to simulate the view of a cockpit for its PS4 title Drive Club. According to more street talk, the new PS4 headset may wind up resembling the HMZ-T2 Personal viewer Sony debuted back in 2011 (if you didn’t sleep on it) which will pretty much break your bank if you still want to cop it.

Imagine this awesome….IN VIRTUAL REALITY.

Um… here’s a blank check where do I sign?

With the looming approach of the next generation of consoles I suppose if ever we as society were primed to jump head first into the future, it might as well be now! Of course I already have my plate full (and my wallet empty) from preparing myself to make the next big console purchase of my gaming existence, so only time will tell how this idea will work in practice instead of theory. Considering how impressed I have been with the Rift, I would say if Sony decides to go for it (and the money gods are willing) it would definitely be worth a go.

What say you gamers? Would you throw your money at a PS4 Virtual Reality headset?

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