The Gang’s All Here in Desperados 3 Gameplay Trailer

Meet John Cooper and the rest of the gang, and get to grips with the trials that await them in the Desperados 3 gameplay trailer.

THQ Nordic’s Desperados 3 is out on June 16 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. And it just got a lengthy new gameplay trailer introducing the gang and highlighting the many and varied ways they can take out opponents — or not if you want the non-violent route.

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First up is John Cooper, the stealthy gunslinger. He can attack enemies at close range with a knife or take some shots from afar. Then there’s Hector Mendoza, who can trap enemies with a massive bear trap (ow…) or get in close and start swinging with an equally massive axe.

Gang members three and four are Doc McCoy, useful for luring enemies with concoctions or knocking them out, and Kate O’Hara, who can charm with the right outfit, before dealing the final blow with her hidden gun.

Finally is Isabel Moreau, who stalks her prey and manipulates their minds with special darts.

The trailer goes into detail about how the stealth system works, but here’s the rundown. You’ll need to plan each operation because getting overwhelmed carefully is easy and happens fast. That means staying out of your enemies’ cone of vision — or using the environment to your advantage. Don’t forget to hide the body after you’re finished too, lest their friends realize something’s going on.

Or you can use tie-up options and stealth to incapacitate your foes without actually doing any lasting damage. Completing the game without ever being violent is possible.

There’s also Showdown mode, where you can pause time to either give orders to the entire gang, plan a specific shot, or try to figure out why your plan went wrong. Should things get too out of hand, Desperados 3 has a quick save and load option so you can experiment and retry without any hassle.

When we got our hands on Desperados 3 earlier in the year, we described it as “a fun puzzle game with a steely-gazed cowboy costume on top… And that’s just fine by us.” Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Desperadoes 3 news as it moseys through the tumbleweeds.

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