The Gates have Opened: Enter the Shadowverse

The new online collectible card game, Shadowverse, is now released, even if only to certain countries.

After the closed beta test back in March, the online collectible card game Shadowverse has finally released its soft launch on June 17th, 2016. Since it is a soft launch, Shadowverse will only be available in certain regions, as you could find in our previous posts about the soft launch.

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Fans of Hearthstone will be able to pick up the game pretty easily, as they do play similarly. But as players from the CBT might notice from the new gameplay trailer, Shadowverse completely revamped their GUI with a more phone/tablet friendly layout and actual character animations — and included an actual story mode following each of the seven character classes.

There are more differences from Hearthstone with a 40-card deck and a lower 20 point defense, but the biggest feature of Shadowverse would be the ability to evolve cards. Each player can evolve their “minions” a certain amount every match. This is the Shadowverse’s solution to the first-turn advantages and plays an integral part of people’s strategies as a correctly used evolution can turn the game around.

You can learn more and download Shadowverse at their Shadowverse website and their card wiki/deck builder at the Shadowverse Portal.

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