The Grand Tournament is now live!

Hey! Everyone, get in here!

Hey! Everyone, get in here!
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As the Lord of the Arena himself would say in all his taunting glory, “The gates are open.” After a hard hit and subsequent rebound of Activision stock this morning, the company has released Hearthstone’s second card injection expansion The Grand Tournament. 

Players who took advantage of the pre-order sale are currently crushing Blizzard’s servers as they open their card packs like hyper-anxious children on Christmas day. On Twitch.TV, over 285,000 spectators are currently watching popular players open their own packs hoping for insight into which of the new cards can earn you victory most effectively. 

Did you take advantage of this deal?

So, what is new about this expansion? It seems when the game begins to have an aura of staleness especially with the dominance certain decks, Blizzard turns the scales of balance on their heads. With the introduction of the Inspire and Joust mechanics, the game’s top brass are going to be in a feeding frenzy to see what deck concoctions will come out on top. 

Let us know in the comments what cards you got. Check back after the crafting dust has settled to see what deck archetypes are dominating the ladder. 

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