The Hunt Begins: Bloodborne Story Trailer Released

Bloodborne Story Trailer Released

The official YouTube channel for PlayStation has released a new trailer for the PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne. This time around, it’s a story trailer that will hopefully start answering some questions about what we’re doing in Yharnam. But it leaves us asking more questions.

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The trailer shows us/lets us hear some of the possible characters that we’ll be seeing in Bloodborne.

There’s the voice of a woman who greets us with, “Welcome home good hunter, what is it you desire?” This hints at the idea that she may be to Bloodborne what the Emerald Herald was to Dark Souls 2.

An older man explains some of the background and injects some Yharnam blood into the iconic character from the trailers. This hints at the idea that the older man plays a key role to your origin and to explaining the history of the game.

We hear and see an elderly nobleman rocking back and forth in what seems to be his study, talking about the blood and how it makes us more than human, human no more.

Other than the new characters and the new tidbits of story for the game, the trailer shows off more scenery of the Victorian era styled Yharnam as well as the beasts that we’ll be encountering and the weapons that we’ll be using.

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