The Last of Us: DLC Confirmed, Sequel Possible

Neil Druckmann talks about the possibility of a sequel and upcoming DLC

Neil Druckmann talks about the possibility of a sequel and upcoming DLC

At an International Game Developer Association keynote presentation yesterday, Neil Druckmann took the stage to talk about The Last of Us and the development process behind one of the most critically acclaimed titles ever released.

He also dropped a couple of tantalizing hints about upcoming DLC, and the possibility of a sequel. 

Upcoming DLC & Sequel Possibilities

“It’s kind of hard to work with this bleak stuff.” – Neil Druckmann

Druckmann talked about both upcoming DLC and the ‘percolating’ story that may lead in to some sort of sequel. However, he also states that “it’s kind of hard to work with this bleak stuff.” 

Given that the title sold over 3 million copies, it’s possible that a sequel would do just as well, if not better–but it’s also possible that a sequel could completely trash the existing world (and admiration) tied to the title. Naughty Dog would have to keep the quality and the adventure up to par with the sequel in order for it to be successful, and given the work involved in just the first title, that seems like a massive undertaking.

As for DLC, Druckmann stated that,

“And you know right now we’re busy with DLC. So with DLC it’s more story and it’s going to be fucking cool.”

The possibilities for DLC, given what Naughty Dog has to work with, are almost endless. Following Joel and Ellie through the aftermath of Joel’s actions, following the Fireflies, even putting the player back at the beginning when the disease first appeared would be exciting and engaging.

Most titles, notably Tomb Raider and Dead Space 3, have all had multiplayer aspects to them, and The Last of Us is no exception. Is it possible that we could see some bonus content for the multiplayer mode?

We’ll just have to wait and see!

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