The Last of Us Multiplayer Revealed!

Naughty Dog reveals the multiplayer for its upcoming game, The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog reveals the multiplayer for its upcoming game, The Last of Us.

The long awaited announcement of The Last of Us multiplayer gameplay, or “Factions,” as they are calling it, is now out for the public to feast our eyes on, and boy does it look like it’s going to be a hit. Or maybe an Epidemic, if you will.

 From the looks of it, the multiplayer gameplay will be very strategic and team based. Players will be able to revive one another on the battlefield, making a buddy-system-mentality a must. The crafting system you see will be the same one used in the single player experience and will offer a wide range of possibilities for gear choices as well. Hopefully that will mean that teams will be able to be well rounded rather than all relying on a go-to weapon

There are only two game modes planned for launch.

Supply Raid

Goal: Scavenge the area to keep you and your team alive. Each team will be given a pool of twenty reinforcements that, when they are depleted, set the match into sudden death.


Goal: Win seven rounds, with zero respawns in between rounds, so if you die you will not enter combat until the next round. Each team will have to stay hyper vigilant to win the match. First team to win four rounds is victorious.


One of the highlights of the multiplayer experience is that we will get to create clans, offering a great chance to build community. And with separate communities come great rivalries and competition.

Head on over and pre-order your copy now. Naughty Dog is giving away some multiplayer items if you do via the Survival DLC pack and those who buy a season pass will receive even more down the road.

The Last of Us comes out June 14th

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