The Not So Ultimate NORCAL Regional Tournament

Fights leading up to the finale were much more exciting.

NORCAL just had their regional tournament featuring Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 among others. Boy o boy what can I say the matches leading up to the final match were the spotlights of that day. Being casted by Darry and Magus the action never stopped, and they told it like it was pound for pound. There was excellent character selection between all of the contestants ranging from the Hulk, to Amaterasu. Watch for those infinite combos as well, they were really spectacular!

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The sweeper hath cometh.

Every single match-up was spectacular except one, the final match between Goldenboy Neo and Chris G. Every fight Chris G. was in was a no contest, never once did he have to worry about losing. His game was spot on for being the most confusing out of all the players. I mean how can you win against Morrigan’s fireball coming at you from both directions, non-stop! Players could not figure out how to stop it and were unsuccessful at getting anything done during the fight. In the final match, it was just that. Morrigan splitting herself into 2, with 1 on each side of the screen, throwing fireballs from all directions, what can you do? Chris G takes the win easily with a clean sweep, 6-0.

Check out the match here,  and move the video bar to 10:07 to see the final match or watch the full 10 hour video showing a bunch of other fighting games!

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