The Original Nintendo DS is trending on Japanese twitter

A blast from Nintendo's Past

A blast from Nintendo's Past
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Technology comes in waves. Back in the 1980s and 90s we had monsterous cell phones and bulky computers. Come the early 2000s and our phones, computers and iPods are getting thinner and smaller. Now, with the innovation of tablets and smartphones, everything is getting big again.

Nintendo followed this trend when it pioneered handheld gaming. The gameboy was big and then got progressivly smaller. Eventually, Nintendo launched the DS.

The Nintendo DS is a handheld system with two screens, one for viewing and one for touching. It’s a true testiment to Nintendo’s creativity. As time went on the system got leaner.

Recently, a Japanese website Dechisoku tweeted asking if people still had their original DS’s, and they got some responses:

Some are broken and some still seem to be in working condition. Nintendo has a reputation for making hardware that never breaks, there are even SNES’s and N64’s that still work. These pictures are a good example of the loyal fan base Nintendo has even in they’re sturggling times. 

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