The Pokemon Company International Launches Free iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Pokemon Adventure

The Pokemon Company International recently launched Pokemon Camp, a fun and interactive adventure on a island in the middle of a deep, blue ocean.

The Pokémon Company International recently launched Pokémon Camp, a free application for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices implementing iOS7, or an older operating system.

Pokémon Camp takes gamers on a journey through the Pokémon universe to learn the skills required to become a trainer of these cute, but deadly, little creatures. Players also interact with other gamers and gain useful information about the different Pokémon living in this vibrant and fun world.

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In this Pokémon adventure, players travel to a beautiful and mysterious island in the middle of an endless ocean. Island representatives greet gamers and show them how to explore and take part in fun and engaging activities offering unique rewards and unlocking new areas on the island to enjoy.  

Gamers must use a spyglass to find Pokémon and earn Pins playing Find the Pokemon. You unlock new areas and hunt for Pokemon on an island of mystery and fun.  

Players also test their knowledge and understanding of Pokemon evolution by selecting the right one in a lineup. Practice selecting the correct Pokémon for each matchup encountered playing the game and matching a shadow on a wall with the correct Pokémon.  

Players taking part can create photos to remember the fun they had at Pokémon Camp in the Photo Booth. Gamers take photos using the camera on their cell phone, or other device, and then add neat looking Pokémon-themed stickers earned by competing in island activities.  

“Kids will have a blast exploring Pokémon Camp as they discover the Pokémon universe in a fun, interactive setting,” said J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing for The Pokémon Company International. “Parents will also love joining in the fun as they watch their little campers take part in activities and create memories at the virtual Pokémon island.” 

Pokémon is an entertaining video game loved and played by millions of parents and their kids around the world. If you haven’t taken your kids on a fun and entertaining adventure on a island in the middle of a warm and wondrous ocean, check out Pokémon Camp and start living the dream. 

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