The Pokemon TCG Adds Sun and Moon Expansion

Pokemon Sun and Moon is making its way to the Pokemon TCG.

Today, the Sun and Moon expansion launched for the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG).  The expansion features an addition of over 140 brand new cards to the existing game.

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The expansion features new Pokemon and theme decks from the Alola region. Players will find that there will also be variants of classic Pokémon such as Meowth and Sandshrew. Some of these new cards also include Pokémon GX cards, which feature rare Pokemon with powerful attacks that can only be used once per game. This mechanic likely took inspiration from the Z-moves introduced in the Sun and Moon 3DS games.

The Pokemon TCG was established in 1996 as part of the multimedia campaign for the franchise. Since that time, the card game has managed to stay popular for over 20 years. To date, the TCG has a place among the Pokémon World Championships. Annually, the competition features men, women, and children of all ages from all over the world.

The expansion is also a continuation of the franchise’s popularity. Pokémon Sun and Moon was released in November of 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.

Fans of Pokémon and card games can look forward to the new expansion pack available today.

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