The question of Overwatch’s price disparity among PC and console versions

Overwatch's console versions feature less content in comparison to the PC version. The console versions however cost an additional $20?
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Blizzard Entertainment recently launched Overwatch on May 24 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Since its release, the subject of the game’s price and content available on consoles and PC has come into question.

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The PC version of Overwatch is currently priced at $39.99. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are priced at $59.99 for the Origins Edition (the only choice available for console players).

Now the question of the price disparity has become apparent, considering the console version features 3 gameplay modes only. The Origins Edition doesn’t include a significant amount of content compared to the PC version. The additional content curiously enough provides items for Blizzard PC titles only.

So what are the implications of the pricing difference? For one, Overwatch isn’t the first title where the console version is priced $20 more with less content. In fact, this has been a trend for sometime now.

Should this trend still be questioned? Consumers can certainly argue this, considering its exposure. Overwatch has become rather popular, and proof of this is that outlets such as Gamer Launch feature 21 headers dedicated to it. Eventually, the pricing will become a talking point.

Are consumers willing to continue to pay for what is essentially cut content? Are they also willing to essentially pay for a multiplayer only title?

Overwatch‘s lack of content is even more interesting when you take into account that there isn’t even campaign mode of any kind. Considering that Blizzard has created short films focusing on heroes and villains alike, it may not be a matter of a lack of resources. It maybe a matter of a story mode being deemed unnecessary. It does bear mentioning, though, as most ads for the game featured footage from animated shorts that seemed to imply some sort of story.

Yet despite no campaign mode, players are willing to and will continue to pay for a fun multiplayer experience. 

Ultimately, the repercussions (if any) may be minute. The pricing trend of console and PC versions of games may continue unchanged unless consumers take action.

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