Shinra Technologies is being shut down due to money problems.

The real-life Shinra Technologies has closed. It wasn’t Cloud’s fault this time.

Shinra Technologies is being shut down due to money problems.

Square Enix has sadly had to close Shinra Technologies. After reporting an extraordinary loss of 2 billion yen which converts to about $17 million USD.

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Shinra Technologies was supposed to help usher in a new age of gaming technology. The company opened up in 2014 and was named after Shinra Electric Power Company from Final Fantasy VII. Their headquarters were located in New York City.

Soon after opening, they began beta testing their cloud gaming services in early 2015.

The cloud gaming services were meant to bring the PC versions of games to your iOS and Android devices. You could pay anywhere from 3 days to 365 days of service. The games they offered were Final Fantasy VII International, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, The Last Remnant, and The Cherry Blossom Murders. Each game had its own pricing for your subscription. Cherry Blossom Murders being the cheapest at 1,185 yen for 365 days and Final Fantasy XIII-2 being the most expensive at 2,200 yen.

If you want to be honest, this is basically just renting a game for your phone. Where owning the game would just be more logical and waiting to get home to play it would be cheaper.

Needless to say, the service most likely won’t be missed.

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