The Sims 4 Announced for 2014, Series Hits 150 Million Units Sold

Please don't be bloated, please don't be bloated..

Please don't be bloated, please don't be bloated..
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Maxis and EA have confirmed that The Sims 4 is in development. The press release announcement can be found here and announces the sequel as well as the 150 million copies of The Sims games sold to date.

The video above is a 10 minute video of a conference call regarding the game, which The Sim Supply was kind enough to put on YouTube following the announcement.

Perhaps the most surprising part of this announcement is the inclusion of a “single-player offline experience”, which is mentioned in here. Hopefully EA and Maxis will stick to this decision throughout the game’s development. (And here’s to hoping they don’t make it as barebones as the vanilla The Sims 3 release..)

More news on The Sims 4 will be released later today via The Beat. Keep sharp as more on this new title comes to light! We may be in for something great, if the new art style as teased below is indicative of what’s in store.

(Via The Sims Hub)

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