The Surge Receives 3 New Exo-Armor Screenshots

Hardcore sci-fi action-RPG The Surge teases futuristic CREO armor sets

Hardcore sci-fi action-RPG The Surge teases futuristic CREO armor sets

Deck13 has released new screenshots for their upcoming action-RPG, The Surge. The three new images give us a first look at the modular exo-suit armor that can be equipped and customized in-game.

Apart from looking awesome, armor items in The Surge can be mixed and matched and provide various bonuses and resistances to the player. Each exo-suit is a remnant of the CREO corporation, the international company that our hero Warren worked for before disaster struck — and so had their own industrial uses before being turned to combat scenarios.

The Liquidator, seen above, is an industrial suit originally used by workers for protection in hazardous environments. Thanks to this, it boasts extra mobility and resistance to fire, toxic spills and radiation — all of which will be encountered in what Deck13 promises to be a Metroidvania-style world.

The Proteus armor, meanwhile, was a security suit providing health regeneration and physical protection for personnel at low power costs. It will likely prove useful to Warren when taking on the malfunctioning drones and robots he encounters as he explores.

Finally, we can see an example of a suit made up of a variety of armor sets including Lynx, Black Cerberus and MG Gorgon. This combination provides all sorts of benefits, including Black Cerberus’s heavy riot-control defense and Lynx’s hydraulic speed advancements.

The Surge will have thousands of possible item combinations, presenting exciting possibilities for customization and player freedom.

It’s coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2017.

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