The Upcoming RPG Seventh Rebirth: What Happens When You Mix a FFXI Producer and Chrono Trigger Composer?

FFXI And Chrono Trigger Minds Band Together For A New Mobile RPG

Final Fantasy XI producer Hiromichi Tanaka, Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda, and publisher GungHo Online Entertainment have worked together to create the smartphone-based RPG, Seventh Rebirth. Tanaka has previous experience with this genre as the producer of Square Enix’s first MMORPG, FFXI, while GungHo has been publishing mobile games since 2002, making for a good combination.

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The first video trailer has been uploaded to YouTube with information on the story of the game. Every thousand years, the world undergoes a great destruction and rebirth, with this game beginning in the seventh cycle. The main character is a young mayor adventuring to build and protect their village.

While the video shows no actual gameplay, Tanaka promises a relatively traditional RPG, saying in a recent interview that, “it is basically being made to be a very orthodox RPG. Instead of something shiny, we’re making it into a fun and fleshed out game.”

The game will be free to download, but will contain in-app purchases.

A pre-registration campaign in Japan has been ongoing since October 19 in preparation for the 2016 autumn release. The campaign is a tier-based system where a threshold number of people joining determines the in-game bonuses players will receive when they download the game. These bonuses include villagers and weapons or attacks based on previous GungHo games such as Puzzle and Dragons, Divine Gate, and Princess Punt.

Seventh Rebirth will be available in Japan for Android and iOS this fall with no word as to whether there will be an English release.

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