The Walking Dead: 400 Days Details and Season Two Hints

400 Days gives us our first look at what's to come in Telltales The Walking Dead Season 2.

Five Stories, One Episode.

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The Walking Dead: 400 is our first look at what could be another Game of the Year Contender.

A new add-on episode to The Walking Dead Season 1 is coming this July for $4.99 and will detail the story of 5 survivors. 400 Days requires that you have the first episode of Season One installed in order to play. Telltale Studios additionally recommends starting with Season One since the choices you made in that story will influence the story line in 400 Days. So, in continuing this formula, your choices in 400 Days will have consequences in Season Two. To get the most unique experience, it’s best to play all three on the same platform and keep all of your save files.

400 Days will have five different stories that introduce five new characters to The Walking Dead world. The new characters include: Bonnie, Shel, Wyatt, Russell, and Vince. The episode is told in an anthology style manner. Each of the five stories, which can be played in any order, takes place sometime over a period of-you guessed it, 400 days at a local truck stop. Beginning from the first day of the zombie outbreak up until the 400th day, the conclusion of the episode will wrap up all five storys. Also the outcome, which will depend heavily on the tough choices you make, will be entirely up to you.

Whether or not characters from Season One will cross over into 400 Days remains to be seen. Telltale refuses to say anything except “Who knows?”. Since 400 Days is going to be linking your choices from the previous game to sculpt the story for Season 2, I feel it is almost certain. Telltale also won’t say if Season Two will pick up after that 400 day period or if any characters who survive 400 Days will live to see another day in the second season. 

The Walking Dead: 400 Days will be hitting PSN, XBLA, PC, iOS, and Mac in July. The newly announced version for the PS Vita will include both Season One and 400 Days, and will be released in August. And be sure to check out the award winning first season to experince one of the most emotionally triumphant games of 2013.


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