The Walking Dead Comes to OUYA

OUYA scores some big name games.

OUYA scores some big name games.

The OUYA has seen good reviews all around since its release in June of this year. The Walking Dead: Season One, the 400 Days DLC and Season Two are all coming to the console later this year. All we have been told is that the game will be available sometime this winter. 

The OUYA hasn’t seen many big titles since its release so its sales should be expected to grow with the addition of The Walking Dead.  I am excited that The Walking Dead is coming to the OUYA because it might actually help put the console on the map, so to speak.

The Walking Dead is a game that could make the difference in their sales because of the huge audience it has gathered since its release. The game has seen positive reviews for each episode that has been made and with the possibility of even more episodes in the future the game can grow to bring more fans to the franchise. I also think that the OUYA might just be headed for even greater success because if they continue to breakthrough with big titles the console might be the next in line to replace the ever-drifting Xbox One. 

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in the upcoming weeks when all of these consoles are on the market together but I think that the Xbox is losing its steam while the OUYA is building itself up to be the next big thing in the gaming world. 

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