The Walking Dead: Season 2 Details Revealed

The Walking Dead: Season Two has been announced. Are you ready for some survival horror?

UPDATE: In yet another Steam mess up, the gaming distributor revealed the game might come out within the month on December 17th.

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The Walking Dead: Season Two has been announced today. In a blog post by Telltale Games, the company confirms that we can play as Clementine, who outwits both the living and the dead.

But enough PR speak. What does this all mean? Also, what about the survivors from the “400 Days” DLC? I don’t know what’s happening to those characters, all I know is that they’ll be in Season Two. Maybe they were the people at the end of Episode 5? Who knows?

Here’s what I do know: this season seems to be more horror-oriented than the last.

How do I know this? Experience from watching both The Walking Dead and reading The Walking Dead. Plus, it’s just the way they talk about Clementine. This also reminds me of the recent Aliens news. So maybe this might be an attempt to get more horror into The Walking Dead. Also, it’s worth noting that this looks like this is a direct continuation of The Walking Dead that starts at the end of “400 Days”.

Telltale Games also went on to say that it will be the usual five episode model, that it will have a season pass, and the first episode will be available later this year, concluding in 2014.

The game company also went on to say two very curious things. One being that there are more platforms to announce other than consoles, iOS, PC, and Mac. Could this be talking about next-gen? I wouldn’t doubt it. 

Another thing that was curious was that The Walking Dead is getting a Game of The Year Edition.

Maybe it’s just confusing for me, but we already kinda got one eight months ago. I could understand if it had the first episode of Season Two, but it doesn’t. It just has Season One and “400 Days,” along with the score and a video. Which, quite honestly, doesn’t even come close to justifying a second or third purchase of The Walking Dead. Just buy the score. It’s not even at a lowered price. Maybe I’m griping, but this is just unacceptable. By the way, its $30.

Telltale also says to stay tuned for more information about Season Two.

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