The War Z Suffers New Hack Attack

The War Z has been hacked once again. Credit Cards are safe, passwords are not.

It’s that time again!  Time for The War Z to grace the headlines of gaming news outlets everywhere!  But wait, let’s take a moment in fairness to ask: is it good news this time?

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Oh fairness, you silly bitch.

The game’s servers were taken offline as Hammerpoint Interactive released an official statement acknowledging that they have once again come under hacker attacks.  While they assure players that none of their payment information was compromised, they also admit that emails and passwords were caught in the security breach.

While they were quick to point out the passwords are encrypted, breaking that encryption is entirely possible, especially in the case of simple passwords.  Hammerpoint urges players to reset their passwords just in case.

The company continues on to explain they are bringing in “experts and investigators” to aid them in both pursuing investigation of this breach and in updating/improving their security measures for the future.

The question this raises now is when the servers will be back online and whether the “experts and investigators” are able to better secure The War Z against future attacks.

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