The Weekly Humble Bundle Is Out of This World

The Humble Bundle: Sci-Fi Edition includes strategy games, FPS games, puzzle games and action/adventure games from all across the galaxy.
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Space is one of the most fascinating settings for any form of media, including games. It allows us to explore reaches of the galaxy that we will most likely never truly experience. Video games allow us an escape from all of this and the newest sci-fi bundle from Humble Bundle’s weekly bundle is sure to send you to the stars with delight,  or sorrow depending on which of these games you actually purchase.

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Most of these games are a little high in price normally, but don’t worry, space cowboys and gals, these games are coming to you today for some pretty low prices.

In the first tier with a minimum of $1.00 we have:

Velocity Ultra: A Retro style top down shooter with a ship with teleportation powers. Your task is to rescue from a collapsed black hole, can you brave the reaches of space to do it?

Cosmic DJ: An Early Access Steam Game allowing the player to have a musical experience by going through six distinctive adventures in order to become a Cosmic DJ and to bring harmony back into the galaxy.

Q.U.B.E.: A colorful first-person puzzle game focusing on cubes. The player is tasked with manipulating each cube in order to proceed into the next level.

In the second tier with a minimum of $6.00 we have:

The Fall: an action adventure puzzle game, about a AI who has to protect her human charge from the monsters in this mysterious alien world.

Strike Suit Infinity: An intergalactic adventure of cosmic proportions when you take control of a Strike Suit and navigate your way through this third-person space shooter.

Strike Vector:  A brutal FPS game that does not take it easy on new players. It is an FPS which seems to be easy to learn but is tough to master.

In the third tier with a minimum of $15.00 we have:

The Last Federation: Is a game based on tactical combat in a turn based setting. For anyone who likes games that require a lot of strategy to them, this game is probably for you.

Space is one of the most interesting settings in gaming, if not one of the most popular. While one might think the space is overdone, perhaps taking a fresh look at these titles for this low price might change their mind. After all, space is the final frontier.

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