The Wii U: Lost in E3 Haze

Want to see why the Wii U is a serious contender? Read this!

Want to see why the Wii U is a serious contender? Read this!
Where Does the Wii U Stand in this Console Clash?

Amid the heated battle between console heavyweights, Xbox One and PS4, there seems to be a smaller and more overlooked next gen console that is arguably not very next gen: the Wii U.

Many people have already discounted this console as having lost the console war, but to say this, I believe, is just a little hasty in light of announcements made at E3 regarding upcoming titles. I see the Wii U as a third party presence in a bipartisan battle for supremacy. It seemed like the Wii U had absolutely no chance to compete, but with the immense blunders committed by Microsoft and the Xbox One, the Wii U could very easily make a climb out of the void and stand tall among the consoles.

What May Be in Store For the Future of the Wii U

Before we knew anything about the new Xbox or Playstation, far before E3, it was expected that the Wii U would fall short because it the console did’t feel next gen, but rather “current gen and a half.”

However, as Sony and Microsoft confirmed the details of their consoles, the Wii U unveiled cultural favorites that have held Nintendo fans close for years. Maybe it was coincidence, or maybe it was incredible research and planning, but the Wii U is now positioned to completely own the casual game marketplace as they release classic favorites remade such as the new Mario Kart, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda HD Remake, and many others.

My theory is that the creators of the Wii U released it early so that people were able to welcome the console–that way they were less dazzled by it when the heavy hitting Wii U exclusives came around. Perhaps Nintendo knew that many of the features for the new Xbox One would be ill received and so decided to hold their extremely popular titles back until E3, where they would be able to entice newly enraged Xbox fans with cult classics. However, it may just be coincidence that all of the games that made buying Nintendo consoles desirable were announced right at the point the Xbox One would fall from grace and leave a sour taste in the mouth of consumers.

So What Are The Reasons to Consider a Wii U Now?

Well, the Wii U is clearly targeting casual gamers, but lets be honest, there isn’t really a strong console that services this niche. Xbox previously was capable filling this role, but now that they have dropped the ball, Nintendo is there with a strong hand to pick it up and keep going. We can expect loved titles such as Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Wii Party u and Fit U, Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze, and many more. These games have strong fan bases behind them. When no other console can provide the casual games that so many truly enjoy, Nintendo steps out from the darkness to remind people that their console is very much a viable option for console loyalty.

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