The Wolf Among Us Is Coming To iOS And PS Vita

The Wolf Among Us is coming to iOS and PS Vita.

The Wolf Among Us is coming to iOS and PS Vita.

Telltale Games announced two days ago that The Wolf Among Us will no longer be contained to PC this Fall. The Wolf Among Us is now available on PC as well as Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. The second episode of The Wolf Among Us, “Smoke And Mirrors” doesn’t have a release date at the time, but you can go get the first episode “Faith” on Steam, Xbox Marketplace, and Playstation Store today. All in the meantime, Telltale Games is working on the second season on the popular Walking Dead game franchise. Telltale Games’ Twitter, @telltalegames, said on October 13 at 6:52 P.M:

“October. Big news on Season Two later this month & the Big Bad Wolf in . Who’s ready?”

In that case, Telltale Games is giving telltale signs (punny right?) that the first episode of The Walking Dead: Season Two will be arriving at the end of October. Considering that it’s October 26, my guess is that The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 and The Walking Dead: Season Two are going to come out on Halloween.

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