There’s a Naruto MMO Coming to the West — And It Looks Terrible

Fight with your favorite ninjas in Naruto Online.
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Naruto Online is finally coming to western shores, after spending three years in the East. Don’t let that CG trailer hype you up though, this game’s nothing like the Ultimate Ninja series of fighting games. It’s just a turn based game that doesn’t seem to have much depth beyond who you put in your squad.

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Their website doesn’t have anything resembling gameplay, but here’s a video of what I assume is the Chinese version.

Naruto Online is a turn based game where you get to command iconic ninjas from the franchise in battles against other ninja squads. Watching this video, you’ll notice the presence of a single ninja in the player squad that’s not from the series. That’s the player character. 

Don’t take this to mean that you’re able to make your own ninja. You’ll be choosing from one of a series of appearances. Apparently it’s a rather high number, but as there’s still no information on the official website, I can’t say for certain.

Will this game be worth your time? From what I can see, I don’t think so. Its brand of turn-based combat doesn’t look competitive in today’s MMO market where games like Atlantica Online exist. Still, if you’re a diehard Naruto fan, it might be worth giving a shot.

Naruto Online comes out July 20th.

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