Thief Gameplay Footage Details Stealth and Chaos

Thief's Sony Gameplay demo describes how stealth and chaos can be ignited in-game.
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Sony showcased ten minutes of Thief gameplay during the game’s demo at E3, and all of the footage was captured via PS4. The demo takes place in what seemed to be the first arc of the story in which they showed us several new functions and mechanics along with talking about all the different options players could choose from in the game. 

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Focus, Swoop, Pickpocket, Arrows?!

Producer Stephane Roy goes into detail about the new features in Thief that can be used to either better the stealth aspect of the game or the chaotic environment at any given time.

Focus being one of the major new features allows the player to use abilities and calculate situations with a greater precision than normally available. Focus also works as a marker to indicate how many and what kind of different items the player can interact with within the vicinity.

Swoop allows players to dash from shadow to shadow. This can either work as a greater stealth factor or become a utility gap closer between you and your enemy. It also wouldn’t be a “thief” game without the ability to pickpocket or shoot arrows of course. These are both pre-existing abilities from its predecessor, and they are both pretty straight-forward.


Thief is slated to be released later this year on PS4 and PC, and will launch for the Xbox One sometime in 2014.

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