After a tumultuous release in 2015, WWE 2K16 is promising to right the ship. But is this trip to the squared circle worth your hard earned bucks?

Things to know before buying WWE 2K16

After a tumultuous release in 2015, WWE 2K16 is promising to right the ship. But is this trip to the squared circle worth your hard earned bucks?
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After months of hype and larger-than-life promises, the release of last year’s WWE 2K15 was considered as something of a let down by fans of the series. The character models were a kind of shoddy, the gameplay was on the slower side, and it seemed that a lot of 2K’s promised features were nowhere to be found. Of course, the overall package was still well worth the price of admission, but after a lot of fan concerns, the developer has promised to deliver something really special with WWE 2K16.

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After keeping this year’s installment relatively under wraps (perhaps hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls of last year’s over-hyped entry), 2K has been hard at work revamping and rebuilding WWE 2K16 to meet and exceed even the biggest skeptic’s expectations.

The Graphics Kick Butt

First up, the graphics have been given a much-needed overhaul. After complaints that 2K15 suffered from character models that were very hit-and-miss, 2K has gone back to the drawing board, and the results are impressive.

Wrinkles and creases have been added. Facial hair has been updated and improved. Eyes seem more realistic (seriously, Triple H looks like he might murder a fool). The details are so intense you can actually see the sweat pop up on John Cena’s forehead while he’s delivering a beat down.

New moves, new entrances, new flair

All that beauty would be nothing without some flair. As a result, the physics engine has been given a total overhaul (even boobs have their own algorithms, now…seriously), which allows for faster, tighter combat and a whole slew of cool touches that the developer has included. From brand spanking new wrestler entrances to streamlined controls (new pin and submission system, anyone?), 2K has efficiency and ease-of-use in mind this year. 

While we’re on entrances, another sweet new feature this year is the ability to actually interrupt a wrestler’s entrance with some shenanigans of your own. Start planning your most jerkish tactics now!

Get Ready to Work

Don’t expect to bask in all that goodness without putting some time in, though. While WWE 2K16 may boast the largest-ever lineup of playable characters, you’ll need to spend some time to unlock them. From belts and clothes, to accessories, and even a big chunk of the playable roster, completionists better get to clothes-lining and DDT’ing if they want to possess everything.

Gamers who were let down by last year’s lackluster MyCareer can officially start getting their hopes up, because 2K has promised tons of new options and substantially more depth this time around. You now possess the ability to hang around in NXT for as long as you’d like, for example. Or, you could try to run around the WWE’s lower ranks, snatching up titles before you dive into deep water. In a hurry? Start body slamming your way to the world title. For people who want to run with a pack, tag team career options will also be available.

Control freaks can start getting excited, too, because WWE 2K16 promises a slew of new options in Universe Mode, like new status effects, new behind-the-scenes action and new plot lines.

Even with all that content shipping in the box, the game’s developers have also promised a steady stream of post-release DLC. Be on the lookout for details as they become available!

In an important year for the franchise, 2K needs to step up and deliver a one-of-a-kind wrestling experience. Fortunately for fans of the series, it seems that the developer knows the pressure that’s on its shoulders. Right now, the future of 2K’s wrestling series looks bright. 

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