ThinkGeek Offering 31.4% Off Everything Sitewide in Honor of Pi Day

Wondering what the best way to celebrate Pi Day is? Taking advantage of ThinkGeek's big Pi Day sale on geek-themed goodies.

Wondering what the best way to celebrate Pi Day is? Taking advantage of ThinkGeek's big Pi Day sale on geek-themed goodies.

The calendar is full of interesting holidays, many of which are easy to miss unless you hear about them online or from a friend. March 10 is one example; video game fans worldwide have dubbed it Mar10 Day, or Mario Day, in recognition of Nintendo’s beloved mascot.

A similar geek-themed holiday is March 14, a special day among the more mathematically inclined.

Since 1988, 3/14 has been recognized as Pi day in honor of 3.14 (159265359). While many companies celebrate the holiday in some form or fashion, the retail chain and online giant ThinkGeek is officially honoring Pi Day by offering 31.4% off of everything on the website and in stores, excluding pre-orders.

Just use the code PIDAY19 at checkout to apply the discount. 

ThinkGeek, part of Geeknet, a subsidiary of GameStop, is one of the biggest retailers that has sprung up around the demand for so-called geek goods.

Its success is no surprise either. The availability and variety of gaming and general “nerd” merchandise has exploded in recent years.

Once upon a time, spending hard-earned cash at the arcade, engaging in deep discussions about the nature of the Star Trek universe, or boasting about recent console purchases used to be the main methods by which fans could express their passions and loyalties.

Now, you can greet people at your home with a Goomba garden gnome, have guests wipe their feet on a Triforce doormat, hang their coats and hats up next to your favorite Dungeons and Dragons cap, or offer them something to eat from your nicest Star Trek dishware.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s available during this Pi Day sale. ThinkGeek’s inventory is truly massive.

If you’re looking for something specific or just want to browse by category, the site lets you do that and is easy to navigate. If you’re interested, the sale ends at 11:59 p.m. EST, March 14. 

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