An engineer from Chicago designed a game to be projected on the side of his house for Halloween.

This Chicago man turned his house into a Halloween video game for Trick or Treaters

An engineer from Chicago designed a game to be projected on the side of his house for Halloween.
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A man in Chicago went above and beyond this year when he found the most creative way possible to entertain all the little Halloweeners and decided to turn his house into a gigantic video game.

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Rich Fiore is an engineer who used a projection to display a game that he created on the side of his house. He used Unreal Engine to create the new game and transformed a Wii Remote into a fake gun to play with. 

Haunted House Game from Rich Fiore on Vimeo.

The purpose of the game is to use the gun to shoot the ghosts and spiders coming out of the windows of the house. Fiore even created a destructible environment that shows the walls of the house falling apart whenever it’s shot. 

In an interview with TechCrunch, Rich talked about his inspirations and where he hopes to take the game.

I’m a big fan of the Oculus Rift and I was joking that the opposite of the Oculus would be projecting something everyone can see. So I started doing some projections and realized it’s something I could do. I thought it’d be fun for neighborhood parties, or corporate parties, or for haunted houses.

I honestly think that there is some major commercial viability to a project like this. Just picture all the events that you go to that would be infinitely more fun with this game. It might be difficult to adapt this to multiple environments, but the game shown in the video is just a demo. He already stated in the interview that he plans to continue working on the game and improve it. Hopefully by next Halloween this will be sold commercially. 

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