This new app can get you hired — all you have to do is play a video game!

Can a video game help you find the job of your dreams? The Scoutible app seems to do the trick for just that.

Finding a job can be a daunting, and sometimes a discouraging process for employers and employees alike. But what if finding a new job was as easy as playing a game to scientifically measure your particular skill set? Well, the team over at Scoutible has developed a new game for your smartphone that can assess certain traits needed for desired professions.

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Announced at TechCrunch Disrupt, which is taking place in NYC from May 9th through the 11th, Scoutible wants to change the hiring game. The CEO for Scoutible, Angela Antony, has previous work experience at the White House and Goldman Sachs, and a JD/MBA from Harvard. She wants to revolutionize the way people are hired by having them play a game on their smart phone to gather data, rather then using a resume or filling out a questionnaire.

Scoutible uses psychologist-developed algorithms to test for things like mental processing speed, emotional intelligence, risk tolerance, and response to feedback. This data is then matched against other top performers in said desired company and is used as a baseline for new hires.

Scoutible is free to play even if you are not looking for job and just want to test your skills. In order to play, players have to sign in using their LinkedIn profile. Once you have loaded up in to the game, you play as a person stranded on a deserted island. You must survive and test your skills on a number of missions, like fixing a robot and cracking a safe just to name a few.

With 1.5 million dollars in funding from Mark Cuban (of Shark Tank fame), potential employees and employers alike can look forward to a quality product once it is out of beta. Scoutible is available on iOS and Android for free for people looking for jobs. There is however, a one-time setup fee for employers.

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