Threes! Becomes Apple’s Game Of The Year

Apple reveals its Game of the Year along with many other great games from 2014.

2014 is coming to a close and many great games have come and gone when it comes to Apple’s mobile app store. However the one game that Apple has chosen to award its Game of the Year title is Threes!. This is both a simple and complex puzzle game that came out for iPhone on February 6th.

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The object of Threes! is to slide numbered tiles left, right, up, or down to combine similarly numbered tiles to create larger numbers. You only get to work within a 4×4 grid, so if you run out of possible moves, the game will be over and your score is finalized after all the numbers on the screen have been added together.

This game managed to just sneak by Leo’s Fortune for the number one slot, but also ranked higher than many other great games available on the app store. Other excellent games that Apple included in their list of Best Games of 2014 include Monument Valley, Hitman GO, Battleheart Legacy, and Smash Hit.

For those who are Android users, you can also take some enjoyment of this list of excellent games as most of them are also available on Google Play. It’s well worth the small price tag, and is a good showing of what 2014 brought to mobile gaming.

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