Thumper will show us “Rhythm Violence” in 2016

Thumper is a psychedelic acid trip coming in 2016.

Thumper is a psychedelic acid trip coming in 2016.

Developer Drool has recently announced that they will be debuting Thumper on PS4 and Steam sometime in 2016

Imagine Audiosurf combined with a ’70s acid trip and you have the basic idea for Thumper. Drool is a two-man team consisting of Brian Gibson (The bassist from Lightning Bolt) and Marc Flury (Ex-Harmonix programmer). Together they have worked on Thumper for over five years.

In Thumper, you play as a highly-polished chrome space beetle that is on its way to fight an insane giant head from the future known as “Crakhed” And yes, you read that correctly.

Warning: if you are epileptic or sensitive to massive amounts of flashing lights then you may want to stay clear of this game.

My Take

I am super excited for Thumper; the visuals are nothing short of a bad acid trip and that is a good thing! I just hope that we will be able to add our own music library to the game. How cool would it be to play a level in Thumper based on the music from Tool?

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