Time Warner Cable Partners with Xbox 360 to Stream TV this Summer

Time Warner Cable will have an app on Xbox which will allow TV streaming.

Great news for anyone who currently has a Time Warner Cable subscription and an Xbox Live Gold account. It was announced this morning that Time Warner and Microsoft are working together to create an voice controlled app that allows users to watch and control live TV through their Xbox 360.

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When the TWC TV app launches later this summer, you’ll be able to download it right from the Xbox Live Marketplace, log-in with your Time Warner Cable credentials and start watching your favorite channels and programs instantly.

Using the Kinect, you will be able to control the app in similar ways to what we were shown during the Xbox One unveiling. This is another step in the overarching goal that Microsoft has been attempting over the past several years: to create an all in one, multi-purpose media device.

This is not the first of its kind; Microsoft has already made deals with other cable TV companies or channels such as ESPN and HBO. But this will be the first major US cable provider to join the list. The last time something like this was attempted, Comcast created net neutrality controversy – as in prioritizing their own content above others – with its Xfinity TV platform, and Time Warner even received heat for the same accusations.

Hopefully they will adopt a platform similar to Verizon’s FiOS TV to eschew any potential legality problems.

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