Titanfall Arcade: The Retro Approach to Promotion

Bet you never thought you'd see a Titan in the old Asteroids game...

Bet you never thought you'd see a Titan in the old Asteroids game...

Titanfall is almost here, and it could be exactly what gamers have been waiting for: The definition of “next-gen.”

Modern, cutting-edge, next-level stuff, right? So, what better way to promote that than to give it a distinct old-school retro tinge?

Check it out: It’s the Titanfall Arcade, a special website that lets you play an 8-bit Flash-based version of Asteroids with a special Titanfall twist. Basically, instead of controlling a generic spaceship, you’re controlling a Titan. There are two other games listed on the site – Missile Command and Centipde – but they’re not playable yet. The best part is the tagline for the site:

“8-bit is better with a Titan.”

Now that’s worth looking into. The marketing for Titanfall is bound to be huge; you won’t be able to swing a dead cat without hitting another promo. However, it’s always interesting to see a new take on advertising, especially when they try to blend the ultra-modern with the so-very-old. 

Wow, those were video games, huh?

I can hear the question now from youngsters. They weren’t around during the dawn of gaming, so to see such games must be a shock. I’m old enough to remember Asteroids and I also know just how far we’ve come; looking back is even a shock to me. I may not be overly interested in Titanfall but I have to admit, this is a nifty way to call attention to the industry’s vast advancements.

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