Titanfall Expedition War Games Map Screenshots Revealed

Alright pilots, while the call is still out for whether or not Titanfall truly is the success it swore it would be, those of you still fighting have got some new planets to fight over in the upcoming $10 USD map pack "Expedition". However, the first map revealed isn't on any real ground. You're going digital as you battle in a realm beyond flesh and blood, but with plenty of gibbing animations for crushing enemy pilots. Gentlemen, welcome to The Gri- I mean, the War Games "simulator" map. Creepy AIs asking if you want to play a game with nuclear weapons not included. Teenage Matthew Broderick Pilot Skin and Thermonuclear Warfare mini-game also not included.

Observe the Digitalialis Titanfallenius in its natural cybernetic habitat.

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Spectres have déjà vu as they are artificial intelligences inside of artificial machines demonstrating artificial artificial intelligence.

No lightcycles, but there is a Titan playing hide and go seek in the background.

These contradictory directional arrows brought to you by Alice in Wonderland.

Here's a topdown view of the whole map. If you look very closely, you can finally find where Waldo's been hiding all these years.

Bonus one! On their days off from shooting people, Titans work as low-rent security guards.

(Source for this image: Game Informer)

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