Titanfall Producer Can’t Promise Smooth Frame Rates on Xbox One

Titanfall Producer Drew McCoy isn't promising 60 fps on Xbox One.

Ever since Titanfall, the new Call of Duty killer by Respawn Entertainment, hit the scene at E3, its  buzz has soared. Many of us are looking forward to the next great FPS, but we want to be able to play it in hi-definition with 60 frames per second. I mean, we live in an HD world, right?

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According to an interview given by Eurogamer, Titanfall may not be available in the standard 1080p at 60 fps that a lot of us have gotten use to with our new big screen TVs. When asked about whether the Xbox One version will support 1080p at 60 fps, producer Drew McCoy says,

“We’ll see how performance goes. Frame-rate is king.”

Now I don’t think he is meaning that there won’t be the smooth gameplay that we have seen on the PC version which has been demoed, most notably at Gamescom. However, it is a little worrisome that the team still is not sure if the Xbox One can handle the same frame rates that mid-range PCs can already achieve. Hopefully Titanfall will provide the same, awesome experience for both PC and Xbox One without having to sacrifice much for either platform. 

Time will tell. Titanfall is anticipated to release in 2014.

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