Tobuscus Nominated for Best Gaming Personality 2014

Tobuscus has been nominated as Best Gaming Personality 2014 for The Dragon Slayer Awards. Here's why he deserves your vote!

The Dragon Slayer Awards, hosted by our sister site, Guild Launch, is back! These awards allow you to have your say on what and who are the gems of the gaming world. The awards this year focus mainly on games, comics, communities, and even gaming personalities! 

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Tobuscus (TobyTurner) is one of those up for nomination for Best Gaming Personality of 2014. If you are an avid internet explorer then you have probably stumbled across one of his many popular online videos which he has been creating ever since joining YouTube in 2006. If not from the Internet than perhaps you have heard of him from his television appearances in films such as New Low, or the Cartoon Network animated series, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. Failing that, then perhaps his advert appearances for companies such as Pop Tarts or the game he funded through indiegogo, Tobuscus Advertures: Wizards will jog your mind!

Yes that’s right, this is one busy guy!

His main presence remains on YouTube. Since 2014 Toby has created 3 main YouTube channels to spread out his many talents. TobyTurner for personal, unedited videos of his life, which he likes to call ‘lazy vlogs’, to connect with his audience on a more one-to-one basis. TobyGames, dedicated to Lets Plays of popular games such as Minecraft and Happy Wheels where he entertains his audience by enthusiastically commentating on these games, using silly voices and phrases to inject the in-game characters with life.

Finally, Tobuscus, the channel where his online career all started in May of 2014. This channel shows off his, often rather silly, creative concoctions. From sketches to animated songs it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy his content; especially if they share his love of gaming! 

Toby’s ‘Literal’ series is one of the most popular on his Tobuscus YouTube channel. The idea is simple, to watch trending trailers and comment on precisely what is shown throughout them. These videos gained him recognition from mainstream gaming news agencies such as CBS Evening News and Wired.

Turner has figured out a successful formula for spinning parody gold out of Hollywood’s incessant stream of movie teases: Ridicule the hype machine by pointing out the obvious.

– Wired

These videos are so unique that you will have to watch one for yourself to understand how this simplistic series got so much attention.

Since starting YouTube Toby has gained over 5 million subscribers!

tobuscusRecently Toby attended Vidcon 2014 where he greeted his fans and showed off his ‘comedian’ side on stage. Within this performance he played some of his humorous songs on both the guitar and piano.

Now that you know Toby’s extensive history, here’s a little about what he has planned for the near future:

  • He is writing a zombie book which will be hitting stores next year.
  • A song is in production which will help aid people in learning how to play the piano.
  • As well as this he is also being the main voice actor and creator of his very own game: Tobuscus Adventures: Wizards!

And, knowing Toby, so much more! All we have to do is wait.


Toby’s determination, enthusiasm and love for his ever-growing online community has led him to achieve so much already. Not many gaming personalities can say that they have a game being made under their influence! 

Tobuscus is one of the most well-known gaming personalities on YouTube. But the question is: could he be Dragon Slayer Awards best Gaming Personality of 2014?

Vote now to help decide!

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