Tom Clancy Passes Away at 66

The visionary writer passed away last night in Baltimore.

The visionary writer passed away last night in Baltimore.

Critically acclaimed and bestselling author, Tom Clancy, has passed away. He was the brain behind such titles as Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, and  Splinter Cell.

Clancy began his career as a prolific writer of political mysteries and thrillers. In 1996, he founded Red Storm Entertainment, which was eventually responsible for some of the most recognizable video games on our shelves. His foray into the video game industry has become a staple of our industry, and has changed the way many games are made and how modern interactive stories are told.

Clancy’s influence in video games helped bring them from obscurity to a (somewhat) well-respected medium that can hold the weight of a complex story, and innovate in teamwork and social interaction. While his focus was not entirely on the games we know and love, his influence is undeniable and absurdly clear.

Clancy passed away at 66 in a hospital in Baltimore, MD last night. We wish the deepest condolences to his family, his friends and his fans.

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