Tom Clancy’s The Division Coming to Xbox One and PS4

Tom Clancy's The Division announced for next-gen, though it basically looks like a third person version of everything we've seen before.
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E3 has been a big event this year for game reveals for the general public.  After the utter lack of such at the recent Microsoft reveal of Xbox One, E3 being focused on games has not only been expected, but necessary.  The unveiling of Tom Clancy’s The Division is not especially surprising in the current gaming climate, though it is a bit disappointing.

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The concept behind the game is sound enough, a mingling of the Call of Duty franchise (hardly unexpected in the modern gaming climate) and the old favorite Splinter Cell games.  A mingling of stealth-based gameplay and squad-based combat could be interesting, but the actual execution as displayed in the trailer we have so far been shown leaves much to be desired.

The Division has a lot of promise, if properly realized.  The main issue the game seems to have is simply a matter of unique identity.  If it can adequately separate itself from Call of Duty without becoming another Splinter Cell sequel, it just might be great.

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