Tony Hawk's last year with Activision! End of a legacy or a new beginning?

Tony Hawk Drops Hints About His Upcoming Games; It’s His Last Year With Activision Contract

Tony Hawk's last year with Activision! End of a legacy or a new beginning?

So we know about Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5 by now.  Word was “leaked” before the official announcement, but everyone kinda knew, especially since The Birdman himself tweeted a beautiful poem teasing it on Valentine’s Day.

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Hawk made a joke about upcoming Pro Skater 5 on a reblogged Instagram post from another pro skater, Rob Wootton.  Wootton’s video shows him acting out the pick-your-skater animations from other Pro Skater games while “Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the Machine plays in the background.  Worthy of mention (I hope, unless Tony’s screwing with us): Hawk specifically says “Details soon” in the reblog’s caption!  Considering the time of year, all signs point to a big reveal at E3 this June.

The last main-series Hawk game (remasters notwithstanding) was Proving Ground, a whole eight years ago.  So Pro Skater 5 plus a new Tony Hawk mobile game coming this year? 

This will be huge for the franchise. 

Now I don’t mean “huge” in a “big things to come” way; more in a “this series could be going out with a bang” way.  2016 is the last contractual year of Tony Hawk and Activision’s long-standing licensing agreement.  Does Tony take his star power to a new partner?  Does a classic series die this year?  Let me know when you find out; I’ll be in my trailer, playing the old Pro Skaters.

Note: The upcoming mobile title is NOT Tony Hawk’s Shred Session. Don’t worry, that’s probably condemned to Development Hell forever (well, besides those few lucky territories that got it in last year’s “soft launch”).

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